XA Wheels

Our XA wheels are made from the highest quality materials and will undoubtedly help you go faster. The XA is a wide-farring toroidal shaped wheel that has 4 different hub options.

We spent months searching out the best factories in the world to make our wheels. From Mexico to Canada - Taiwan to Xiamen, we're certain that our factories produce the highest quality wheels on the market. We then took it a step further by constructing our own molds because it gives us greater control over the quality of the wheel. Each wheel goes througha rigorus set of tests to make sure it is above typical industy standards.

Which one is best for me?

We answer this question all of the time. So we prepared a comparison chart to highlight the two wheel lines. There are, as you can see, many similarities between the two wheels. The most important is that they are both made in our molds that can ensure the highest of quality. Each wheel combo comes with a 3 year warranty to back it up too. Here is quick summary of the two. If you're looking for the fastest wheel on the market, with the best customized hub options, hand built in the USA. Then the XA, with it's toroidal U-Shaped and wide farring build is your wheel.

XA Details

Toroidal vs. V-Notch

The biggest difference between these two wheels is their shape. In the late 90's Zipp and HED developed a new rim shape we now call "Toroidal" (its not actually a real word, but just go with it). This toroidal wheel has been all the rage since it offers the fastest possible speeds at certain wind angles. When Zipp came out with their Firecrestâ„¢ shape, it quickly become the most popular rim among pros and serious triathletes alike. Now the V-Notch is not a bad rim shape at all. In fact, the V-Notch offers the best overall performance when you consider all wind angles. It is no wonder that many companies only sell this shape including: Reynolds, Mad-Fiber, and other high end manufacturers. So both wheels are fast, there's no questioning that - it really boils down to preference.

So tell me about hub options

The ability to upgrade your hub is a big part of why we came out with the XA line. There are some distinct advantages and the top of the line is noticeably different. This doesn't mean that our basic hub, the NovaTec isn't a great hub - in fact, it is nearly identical to many of our upgrades, the only difference being where it is made: Asia. Our first upgrade level is the White Industries hub. White Industries is a USA based company that has been producing high quality titanium hubs that are flat out cool. It is an upgrade, but doesn't quite compare to the Chris King. Chris King Hubs are well known as being Best in Class. These hubs are so distinct that they are even known to make a distinct noise: the Killer Bee. They are silky smooth and the roll resistance is like a hot knife through butter. We love them so much, that it is what we choose to put on our prototypes.

hub-options chris king white industy power tap aka the best hubs for triathlete and cyclists hub-options chris king white industy power tap aka the best hubs for triathlete and cyclists

Then there's PowerTap. PowerTap is the leader in power meters and can transform the way you train and race. Our PowerTap offering is perhaps the best in the world. No where else can you get this type of quality with a PowerTap hub. If you've looked around, you'll notice you can get our wheels with a PowerTap for just about the same price as an expensive brand and their stock hub.

The Direct Advantage

direct to consumer advantage

This most likely won't be the first time you buy something online. It's the age that we live in - and we think its a great thing. We sell our wheels directly to you because it allows us to deliver the highest value at the lowest cost. Our competitors have to pay all the middle men along the way - not to mention their sponsored athletes and glossy ads. Going direct also means that we can handle, fix, and resolve any problems you may have. You don't have to go to your bike shop, who then says go to the manufacturer, who then sends you right back to the dealer. We are the decision maker, and you better believe that we want you to be happy.

The other advantage of being the manufacturer is that we save you money, time, and hassle when you buy from us. Unlike anyone else, we offer: Tire Installation, Cassette Installation, 30-day Trial Ride, Free Shipping both ways, a 3-Year Warranty, and 6 month Payment Option. When your wheels arrive, you can potentially mount them and ride straight out of the box.

What's the deal about weight?

There are some that will go on and on and on about minor weight differences between wheel sets. Trust us, we take these calls on a regular basis. We're not sure why some folks will obsess over 30, 40, or even a 100 grams. Have you ever wondered what the big deal is? Well here is a reality check for you. You know those gels you take with you on pretty much every ride? Sometimes one, maybe three... hold up - there's your difference right there. Two gel packs weigh in at about 100g; now are two gel packs worth almost $1,000!? If you ask us, they better be pretty damn good gel packs (and they're not, we already checked - see above). Plus, we've never heard anybody say, "Wow, I would have had a great race today if it weren't for those two gels in my back pocket weighing me down!"

Don't ever skimp on quality.

With the XA we start with in-house prepreg. How many wheel companies can say they actually do the prepreg themselves, in-house? Not many. We get the raw carbon fabric from Toray – the leading supplier of ultra-premium carbon fiber in the world. The Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber is then processed in our factory where we impregnate it with resin (hence the term “prepreg”) using a 100% automated process to ensure the highest levels of quality control and raw material purity. Our new prepreg is then moved in our factory to where it begins to take the shape of a Karbon Speed rim in one of our four molds. It is more expensive to have your own molds, but it is the only way to produce a quality rim every time. Without our own molds, we couldn’t offer our 3-year warranty. Once the rim is set, coated, sanded, and passed quality control we use a laser cut decal to emblazon Karbon Speed into the rim with a clear coat finish. Stickers just seemed cheap.

XA-Series Details