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Karbon Speed LLC, a Texas company, sold all of its assets to a California company (also called Karbon Speed LLC) led by cycling industry veteran, Chris Evertsen. Chris has been involved in cycling for many years in many capacities, including as a master wheel builder, racer, team manager, event promoter and announcer.

Chris stated "I ride and race Karbon Speed XA wheels. I even put them on my cross bike just to see how much punishment they could take. So I know how good they are. That's why, when presented with the opportunity, I bought the business with a commitment to Karbon Speed's future by building a solid business that offers and develops high-performance and high-quality products, and providing exemplary customer service to meet your cycling needs."

Since Karbon Speed began selling its aerodynamic carbon wheels, the brand has gained a reputation among triathletes and competitive cyclists as the source for high-quality, yet affordable, aero carbon wheels and gear.

The KarbonSpeed XA line of wheels has been at the point since we acquired the brand. The XA is a wide profile wheel optimized for aerodynamics, structural integrity and ride quality most suited for the time-trial and triathlon disciplines. Like virtually every other high-end carbon wheel, the rims are made for us in Asia using our custom molds. Our wheels are then built by hand to order at our facility in beautiful Encinitas, California. Purchasers can select from our base model assemblies and a variety of component upgrades in spokes, hubs and lacing to create personalized custom wheels. We'll be offering more hub and spoke options, and will also offer custom lacing at no additional charge, so that the wheels meet your specific requirements. We'll also continue offering installed tires and cassettes so that the wheels can arrive 'ready to ride.'

Not resting on our laurels, We have be at the design board and have most recently introduced the KarbonSpeed KSr series of wheels. This design was developed to provide better handling at higher speeds and light weight to attack the steepest of climbs.

But the story doesn't end there. Whats next you might ask. Coming soon will be KarbonSpeed disc brake wheels for both road and off road applications.

All of us at KarbonSpeed look forward to providing you the rider with the best possible wheelset at our best possible price.

We look forward to hearing from you! Tell us how your ride went today and where you are riding tomorrow. please contact us at support@karbonspeed.com.

"We sell our wheels for less,
we don't make them for less"

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