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the best aero wheel with wide shape


The Karbon Speed XA Line is our fastest aero wheel design yet. its U-shape design profile optimizes aerodynamics, structural integrity and ride quality. Primary dimensions feature 24mm wide braking surface in either 60mm or 80mm rim depths.

The KarbonSpeed KSr is our quickest design, focused on a highly responsive ride quality from the steepest climbs to fastest descents. Primary dimensions feature 24mm wide braking surface in either 36mm or 50mm rim depths. All of our Karbon Speed wheels will help you FinishFaster® than ever before!

Rim Construction

aero-wheel-rim-shape wide faring wheel U-Shaped

We source raw Toray T-700 carbon fiber fabric, impregnate it with resin using a 100% automated process to ensure the highest levels of quality control and raw material purity. It then takes shape in our proprietary design molds to ensure the highest quality finish.

Braking Surface

A proprietary high-heat resistant resin is utilized during rim construction for the braking surfaces that can withstand temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Celsius. This provides rapid heat dissipation and most importantly smooth and effective braking performance. The Brake pad is equally important in the braking process. That is why we provide specially design brake pads with our wheel set, or recommend replacement brake pads like Swiss Stop to insure proper usage, function and quality.

Internal Nipples

All KarbonSpeed rims features an internal alloy nipple design. Not only is the look super sexy, but internal nipple enhances aerodynamic efficiency by removing 44 exposed surface drag points from the aero profile.


The finished surface appearance is a beautiful matte black unidirectional carbon fiber layer. Laying up carbon fiber is as much black art as it is science - it's a skilled and acquired craft all done by hand. As such, each piece will have a slightly unique finished aesthetic. This is true whether we are talking about our XA&™ or KSr&™ Series Wheels, XR&™ Hydration Systems or KarbonKages&™. Precision-cut die decals are applied to the surface of the rim and then clear coated to ensure they are mated and bonded to the rim in the smoothest way possible.

Hand Built in America

We hand-assemble every KarbonSpeed wheel set here in America and each wheel set is made to order. Made to order provides you the opportunity to upgrade and personalize your set of KarbonSpeed wheels.

Hub Options

hub-options chris king white industy power tap aka the best hubs for triathlete and cyclists

KarbonSpeed wheels are equipped with the legendary USA made White Industries T-11 hubset. Upgrades are available from brands like Chris King, PowerTap and DT Swiss. Looking for a different hub or spoke option for that fully personalized set? Email us at support@karbonspeed.com

Spoke Options

KarbonSpeed wheels are equipped with Belgium made Sapim CX Ray spokes and alloy internal nipples. Their aero shape, unique strength and flexibility make the the perfect match to KarbonSpeed wheels. Want something beefier like the Sapim Super Spoke? Email us at support@karbonspeed.com

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