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The KarbonSpeed XA rim's U-shape profile is designed specifically for the time-trial and triathlon disciplines and this style of riding with an emphasis on moderate cycling speed aerodynamics. Optimized aerodynamics, structural integrity, ride feel and build quality are the cornerstones to all KarbonSpeed wheels. Review our rim shapes and exact specs. XA wheelset

The KarbonSpeed KSr Series rims are designed with a focus on high speeds, railing corners and climbing. Gradient arch design on our lower profiles are a proven highly aerodynamic shape with supple edges to release wind smoothly make for a highly responsive ride quality. Review our rim shapes and exact specs. KSr wheelset

To improve aerodynamics further, All KarbonSpeed wheels feature internal nipples, eliminating 44 drag points. And we aren't stopping there. Every wheel is hand laced, tensioned and trued to exacting standards in California by some of he best builders in the industry with arguably the best spokes and hubs available.

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The best wheels come out of the best factories. We spent months seeking out and then partnering with the best manufacturing facilities. Then took it to the next level by designing and building our own molds and placing our carbon fiber manufacturing specialist in the factory during production runs. KarbonSpeed rims go through rigorous testing to make sure it is meets and exceeds all industry standards. By doing this we are better able to control the quality of our rims, which ensures that you are getting perfect wheels every time.

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No Middlemen

Other wheel companies have to keep their prices high to support all the glossy ads, pro sponsorships, and the middlemen. By the time it reaches you, their wheels are forced to be marked up dramatically. At Karbon Speed, we bypass these channels and create the shortest path from our designs to your hands. This means that you can purchase our wheels without all the additional markup.

"We sell our wheels for less,
we don't make them for less"

karbon speed wheel at the A2 aero wind tunnel for some wind tunnel testing